Brief information of establishment

Dr.John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology was first established by an order No 3, 2008 as Dr.John Garang Institute of Technology. The institute was an institution for learning, teaching and for developing its various curricula. The institute mandate was to serve the country in the context of Sudan, increase its resources and develop its intellectual, economic and social standards by training the students and awarding them degrees, staff and all those affiliated to it devoting themselves to teaching and research, contributing effectively to the enlightenment of Sudanese society, guiding its cultural development and enhancement of its standards and fostering strong relations with other universities and academic institutions.

Objective of the University

In particular, and mainly under chapter 2 of the University Act, 2013, The objectives of  the university are to strive to disseminate science and technology through teaching, promotion of knowledge and complete participation in different aspects of economic, social and cultural development in the country, prepare students in different programmes of diploma, bachelor and post-graduate studies in the scientific and applied specializations and provide programmes for award of academic degrees, conduct scientific and applied research connected with the needs of the society for the purpose of making the required transformation in the country.  . More importantly, the university is to implement joint programmes with governmental units and public corporations, to promote technicians via teaching in the fields needed by the country in general and Jonglei state in particular.

Geographical Location and Economic

The University is located in Bor town, capital of Jonglei State. Jonglei state land area is about 122,587 square kilometres which is 47,329 sq. Miles. The state is located in the Greater Upper Nile region. It is bordered by Upper Nile State to the north, Unity State to the northwest and at the west of the White Nile River is the Lakes State to the southwest, Central Equatoria to the south west, Eastern Equatoria to the south and Ethiopia to the east.Bor town lies in the south-western corner of the state mainly on the White Nile River. The economy of Jonglei State is mostly dependent on livestock and 90% of the inhabitants are engaged in the agricultural sector including fishery. People of this state are agro-pastoralists and livelihood is mainly cattle keeping with rainy seasonal farming. Important to note, most of the Jonglei state falls within the oil development Block However, oil exploitation has not yet been undertaken.

Why Choose Our University

Our University aims to provide for the establishment of higher educational institution of learning to disseminate science, technology and to provide knowledge and involve the local population in different aspects of economic. Social and cultural development and matters related to the nation and laws of the South Sudan

Scholarship Facility

We provide local scholarships to our hardworking students as well getting connecting our students to get international scholarships.

Skilled Lecturers

Our University is equipped with the skilled Lecturers and well informed instructors across various Colleges and centers.

Our Books Library

Our Library is equipped with recent books for both students and staff to feed their minds with knowledge

Administration and top Management