College of Education


The College of Education (CED) is one of the Colleges of Dr.John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology. On the eve of 2013, two colleges and one institute were approved by Council of Higher Education, namely: College of Education, College of Management Sciences, and Institute of Fisheries (Padak).College of Education embeds pre-primary education, primary education, and secondary education.


The vision of College of Education at Dr. JGMUST is provision of quality education and training for teachers of pre- primary, primary and secondary schools. The college shall advance education as a professional practice and in the field of scholarly enquiry through excellence in teaching, research and community service.


The College of Education at Dr. JGMUST shall commit itself to:

  • The preparation of caring, accountable and critical-reflective educational practitioners who are able to support and nurture learning and development in diverse educational contexts
  • The systematic pursuit and advancement of dynamic education knowledge of local relevance and international standing
  • Community engagement that anticipates and is responsive to the needs of communities as partners in learning


The College of education at Dr. JGMUST will achieve its mission by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Professional Education – to provide courses of study and practice designed for the initial training and professional development of teachers, tutors, lecturers and other educational personnel;
  • Advanced Study – to serve as a centre for advanced study in Education through which educators, administrators and researchers can attain academic excellence and prepare for leadership roles in Educators;
  • Research – to support and undertake basic and policy – oriented educational research and to disseminate research and evaluate findings through teaching, publications and seminars;
  • Service – to promote expansion, innovation and improvement in Education, through the provision of advice, consultancies and support to academic and professional partners;
  • Gender Awareness – to infuse gender sensitivity in our programs and course offerings.

Guiding Principles

The College of Education at Dr. JGMUST is guided by the following principles:

  • Academic distinction
  • Academic freedom and professional accountability
  • An ethos of care

Academic Programme:

The structured current curricula and degree structure of the college undergo two dimensions: first, the demand of the semester system (two semesters are given then evaluation takes place for promotion from class to class). At this juncture, the number of credit hours per semester ranges from 16-24 and the overall credit hours to be 160 in four years for general degree; second, the College introduces honor degree .This indicates addition of optional 5th  year or honor degree in all specializations. Now, additional of 30 credit hours is programmed for honor degree.