College of Management Science


The College of Management Sciences opened its door in January 2011, three years after the establishment of Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology and seven months before the proclamation of South Sudan’s independence on July 9th, 2011. After the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and subsequent formation of the South Sudan’s autonomous government in 2005, Jonglei State found itself without qualified workforce in its ranks and files to take the challenges of the post-conflict.


The first state employees that were absorbed into the government were either former liberation fighters from the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) or displaced persons from North Sudan. That situation created uncertainty and threatened progress of the state government in delivering services to the people. The State Government then approached and persuaded the University to help train its vulnerable workforce. The University responded in January 2011 by admitting the first batch of students to diploma programs in Accounting, Business Administration, and Public Administration.  As a result, the Faculty prepared diploma curricula and admitted extra students to four more departments making it the largest college with seven departments of study.


Given the growing need for technical staff in different fields, the Faculty of Management Sciences is planning to introduce more academic disciplines to offer diploma and bachelor degrees so as to meet the need for knowledgeable workforce in both the public and private sectors.






The key objectives of the Faculty of Management Sciences are:

To develop able technocrats and human resources for government (public)  and private-sectors that can be able to compete at the state, national, and world levels;

To prepare the next generation of able world-class citizens  through its academic programs;

To produce qualified social scientist researchers that will help improve South Sudan through empirical research;

To encourage creativity and innovation through scientific research on economic, political, cultural, and social aspects locally and at the international standard; and

To prepare our graduates for challenges ahead in graduate and post-graduate studies.



The Faculty of Management Sciences’ vision is “to be the first college in the nation to integrate research and innovation to undergraduate and graduate students at the diploma and bachelor’s degree levels and to prepare world-class graduates



Our mission is “to prepare students that will become qualified workforce capable of executing daily operations and activities of the day in both the public and private sectors, and to advance the profession of public service through creative research and innovation.”